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"It does not matter how slow you go, so long as you do not stop." ~ Confucius

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Permalink I read “Confessions of a working girl” at B&N today while waiting for daughter’s retainer to be made. Fascinating read! It was refreshing to hear a different perspective. Usually these are tragic and depressing.
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 CDC: Sexually transmitted diseases have become a severe epidemic 

Treating the country’s 110 million STDs comes with a price tag of $16.7 billion a year.

“Four of the infections - chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and trichomoniasis - respond well to treatment and can be cured if discovered early, yet many of these cases go undetected because they often are not accompanied by any symptoms. The CDC urges all people who are sexually active to get STD screening and prompt treatment if necessary.”

The World’s Oldest Pornography


The cast of 100 figures presents what is obviously a fertility ritual (or several). They range in size from more than nine feet tall to just a few inches. …  Ithyphallic is archeology-talk for “erect penis,” and nearly all of the males have one. A third set of figures appear to be bisexual. Combining elements of males and females, they are ithyphallic but wear female headwear, a decoration on the chest, and sometimes a mask. They might be shamans.”

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Ellie Prose: Say Bad again! Go on. Say. Bad. Again. See what happens.



 Okay this is something that needs saying because it is making me pretty angry.

I realise I will probably lose all of my followers but this is how I feel and I am not attacking anyone I am pleading with you to think about what you say and how it perpetuated an oppressive point of view that will effect young woman for years to come unless views change.

I am what is called a sex positive feminist. This means I believe sex is a healthy thing; a good thing. I believe that a woman with a sex drive is not a slut, is not a whore and is not in any fucking way BAD!

So can we just have enough with the “good girls do this, bad girls do that.”

You want to know what bad girls do?

Bad girls treat people with no respect. Bad girls Steal. Bad girls hurt others. Bad girls are selfish. Bad girls are destructive.

Bad girls try to convince other girls that they are bad, simply because they happen to like sex.

Bad men also do all these things by the way.

You know what, sex is good, pleasure is good, sex is often the result of love and kindness and as kinky as you can get it, it’s still not bad. You know what is bad?

Forcing sex on a woman who doesn’t want it. That is bad.

A woman who has sex on the first date, who touches herself, who bends at the waist of knees or wears or doesn’t wear underwear IS NOT BAD.

Sex does not make anyone bad and I am starting to get actively offended by the implication.

I have on occasion said “evil/bad man” to the men who have been in my life. But the difference is thus, I have NEVER said it in response to the revelation he likes sex, or even that he likes kinky sex. I say it when he is deliberately doing something verging on bad. Distracting me from work, getting me worked up when he has no intention on following through etc. The description of him as bad had nothing to do with his relationship with sex.

Some girls wear Bad Girl as a badge of honour. I am a bad girl with a cheeky grin, not realising that this in itself promotes a puritanical point of view. Treating sex like it is deviant something to be proud of in a dirty way. “Oooh I like sex aren’t I wicked!” Um no, EVERYONE likes sex. They do this because they want to show they are not ashamed without realising they are broadcasting the opposite.

So I want to ask you.

I wear boy shorts, I always wear a bra, I like a knee length skirt and flat shoes. I don’t really wear makeup, nor do I bend at the waist. I prefer a movie to a party; I prefer a cup of tea to a alcohol. I blush at vulgar language and sex scenes in movies but I also know I could do it much, much better. I can sink to my knees at a moment’s notice, I like to be made love to and to be fucked, I don’t wear any jewellery and I rarely show cleavage. I own handcuffs and more than one buzzing helper. I am capable of unbelievable smut and sometimes fantasize about being a fairy princess.

What am I?

Bad girl is an example of why girls feel guilty about sex, it’s the reason we often need men to take the responsibility for sex and order us to do the things we can’t admit we want. It is the reason we need to hear good girl while doing the most base and vulgar acts.

Above all else, it is an example of someone telling me I should be ashamed of what I am… and that IS BAD.

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